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A lifetime of fantasy and adventure

Hello there! My name is Whitney and I'm the artist behind Ayslyn's Aviary's mythical creatures! I grew up gorging on fantasy books and rarely did my feet touch down in the mundane world's soil. I've been creating fantasy art of one kind or another for most of my life, and the dragon eggs and sculptures you'll find here and scattered across my social media sites are just the latest manifestation of my magical obsessions. 

The first time I picked up polymer clay, I was attempting to recreate a grief memorial sculpture after the loss of my infant daughter. Focusing on different expressions of art and self was one of my coping mechanisms, but it didn't take long before my incredibly pitiful skills had me setting aside the clay for something more familiar. 

A few short years later, I was bogged down in attempts to write a series of novels I'd been toying with off and on for years and in desperate need of a creative reboot. Polymer clay doesn't "go bad" but my old block of white was practically silly putty, and it lent itself well to more sculpting failures. Determination won out though - I wanted to make a little version of one of my novel's dragons, so I got new blocks of clay and a

set of tools and spent hours

practicing. That has yet to

change, so if you can ignore

the clay under my nails and

the disaster area that is my

workstation, I'd love to guide

you through my world. 

Meet our non-magical staff
Mission Statement

Ayslyn’s Aviary designs, crafts and finds forever homes for polymer clay dragons, multimedia dragon eggs and other fantastical creations that speak to fantasy lovers from all walks of life. Each creation is lovingly hand-sculpted and completely unique even within batch creations, brought to life for the discerning magical creature lover, tabletop gamer, and sculpture collector.

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