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Viridi dragons are some of the most versatile and widely loved mythical creatures currently in existence. Viridi Ruinia, Restulium and Cunera are the most common, but they're not the only ones found on the mainland. Lovely little Tierra here is Viridi Druiada - a specialized subspecies of the Viridi line that's fairly rare and prized for their command of local flora and fauna. Druiada dragons are quite long lived and in the wild they're continually migratory, with mothers keeping their hatchlings close until around 50 years of age. This species is not only capable of telling how practically any natural environment is doing, but is also capable of re-arranging the world to enable its growth and prosperity - things like moving flora that's harming an ecosystem or encouraging an apex predator to move on from an over-hunted landscape. They're quite intelligent and powerful, and as a result we don't see too many domesticated specimens. 


Prospective adopters for Tierra should be aware of her innate nature when taking her on; while she's small and learning she's likely to be content to be among humans but as she grows, she'll likely become restless and need to indulge in her wanderer's instincts. While spending time with her as a hatchling will be a true joy, it's likely that at some point she will have a greater calling to fulfill. 

  • Adoption Certificate

    Each dragon hatchling comes with an adoption certificate!  

  • Care of Dragonlings

    Your Aviary original sculpture is a completed piece - cured and glazed where normal handling might wear off paint to ensure a long life. Please do not get your hatchling wet as water can make the varnish over the eyes sticky; likewise, please do not expose your dragon to extreme temperatures. Handle with care - these are NOT suitable for play by small children.