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Sword in the Egg

Sword in the Egg


There's a somewhat obscure legend out of the Land the Mothers Forgot, kind of a hand-me-down of a story that's almost been completely forgotten. It tells of a very special Viridi dragon egg that's lain dormant and waiting to hatch for over a thousand years; a thing that by all natural rights should never be able to happen. But this isn't any ordinary Viridi dragon hatchling or egg - in fact, there's a giant sword embedded in the egg itself, the damaged shell long since scabbed and healed over, fusing the egg and sword into one being. No one knows why or how, and part of the tale is that a handful of wandering humans have tried to both move the egg and pull the sword free over the years, but none have been successful. There supposedly used to be a map that showed its location, but has doubtless long since been destroyed. What a wondrous find this ancient Viridi dragon god-infant would be... 

  • Care of Dragon Eggs

    Your Aviary original dragon egg is a completed piece - each scale is sealed against normal wear and tear to ensure a long life. Please do not get your dragon egg wet, pull at the scales or otherwise mishandle. These are not child-proof eggs. Please also note that there is no actual hatching expectation. 

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