Here at the Aviary, we pretty regularly encounter stories of intrigue, grief and extraordinary events, but even Shadow's tale has most of us stunned. Not quite the infant or young hatchling that most of our creatures are, he says he's several years old, though he's not sure how many. He grew up in a place that had no sun, and things like food and water were scarce, to say nothing of the finer things in life. He was one of eight siblings, each with a remarkable skill, and they spent their lives dedicated to brutal, non-stop training under their human master's tutelage. Several months ago, he and two of his siblings underwent what they initially thought was a survival test outside of their dark home but quickly became a panicked trial to stay alive and find their way back home. He's since been separated from the other two, and is at a complete loss whether this was his master's intended results. And so he has found his way to us to bide his time. He says he will know who he's to reside with next when he sees them, so he's ever watchful. Are you the next step in his journey?  

  • Care of Dragonlings

    Your Aviary original sculpture is a completed piece - cured and glazed where normal handling might wear off paint to ensure a long life. Please do not get your hatchling wet as water can make the varnish over the eyes sticky; likewise, please do not expose your dragon to extreme temperatures. Handle with care - these are NOT suitable for play by small children. 

  • Shipping Information

    *All boxes ship with tracking!* PLEASE NOTE our new shipping window is 3-5 days after purchase. If you need your dragon shipped with haste drop us a message and we'll do our best to accommodate. Please be aware too that domestic shipping is still somewhat chaotic due to COVID-19 so some packages may also be a little slower to arrive than in the past.