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Night March Diminutive Egg

Night March Diminutive Egg


There are few dragons species as mysterious and intriguing in all of Arlanea as the Night March dragon. Shadowsleeks get all the fuss for their size and glossy scales, but Night Marches are a step even beyond - they are literally of the darkest night. They are quite rare on the surface because of their preferred remote habitats in deep caves and chasing the farthest reaches of the sun. Their vocal patterns consist of a variety of slightly high-pitched clicks and squeals, though when they speak with each other, they switch to non-vocal means, glowing a rainbow of fluorescent blues, purples and blacks. Their large eyes enable perfect vision in the dark, and their slender build allows for squeezing into tight places. 


Those considering a Night March egg for a mythical companion will be in for a wild and unique ride, and if you're up for the challenge of rearing a species that's largely an unknown, our staff are more than ready to help you in any way you or your hatchling might need. 

  • Adoption Certificate


    Each dragon hatchling comes with an adoption certificate!  

  • Care of Dragon Eggs

    Your Aviary original dragon egg is a completed piece - each scale is sealed against normal wear and tear to ensure a long life. Please do not get your dragon egg wet, pull at the scales or otherwise mishandle. These are not child-proof eggs. Please also note that there is no actual hatching expectation.