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*~RESERVED For Kristen*~ Merdina

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We might have gone a little insane with the witchy hats we've been making for our Pythani dragonlings - this mini terrarium hat is certainly one of a kind! Of course, that just meant that Merdina was super excited to claim the hat, and the baby turtle that had taken up residence in the hat. This time of year is the peak of energy and power for Pythani dragons, who are sometimes affectionately called Witchy dragons. Yearlings have a kind of "awakening" their first All Hallow's Eve that's quite the sight to behold, especially when it takes place outside and with others in close proximity. We're approaching Halloween now - don't miss your chance go get to know Mer and cement your relationship with her as she comes into her true power!  


  • Adoption Certificate

    Each dragon hatchling comes with an adoption certificate!  

  • Care of Dragonlings

    Your Aviary original sculpture is a completed piece - cured and glazed where normal handling might wear off paint to ensure a long life. Please do not get your hatchling wet as water can make the varnish over the eyes sticky; likewise, please do not expose your dragon to extreme temperatures. Handle with care - these are NOT suitable for play by small children.