Species: wingless Nightsleek

Age: 1 year

Origin: Fjord

Favorite Food: raw oysters

Behavioral Incidents: none


Leo is a quiet, observant little fella who has a fondness for climbing and exploring nooks and crannies. He's technically a specialized subspecies of Nightsleek that come from a series of ever-night isles off the coast of Fjord that are wingless and spend much of their lives in the darkness, so bright lights and lots of noise are pretty startling to him. If you're a calm soul who doesn't mind a slower, more deliberate pace though, he'll get along with you just fine. 

  • Care of Dragonlings

    Your Aviary original sculpture is a completed piece - cured and glazed where normal handling might wear off paint to ensure a long life. Please do not get your hatchling wet as water can make the varnish over the eyes sticky; likewise, please do not expose your dragon to extreme temperatures. Handle with care - these are NOT suitable for play by small children. 

  • Shipping Information

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