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Elemental Sleeping Dragons Jar

Elemental Sleeping Dragons Jar

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Earth, Air, Fire and Water all on one jar! This four-sided jar features a sleeping dragon hatchling on each side that corresponds with one of the elements. These dragon-magick jars are somewhat rare because the ability to harness and condense this type of magick is only attained after years and years of hard work and practice, but the end results are well worth it. Potions made in this bottle will be elementally enhanced, and any item added, all the way from something simple like a handful of berries to priceless jewels, will likewise be magically altered. 

  • Care of Dragonlings

    Your Aviary original sculpture is a completed piece - cured and glazed where normal handling might wear off paint to ensure a long life. Please do not get your hatchling wet as water can make the varnish over the eyes sticky; likewise, please do not expose your dragon to extreme temperatures. Handle with care - these are NOT suitable for play by small children. 

  • Shipping Information

    Each dragon hatchling comes with an adoption certificate and a handful of yummy dragon treats!