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Diminutive Gratia Divinea

Diminutive Gratia Divinea


Though they might start out small, these soon-to-be Gratia Divinea hatchlings are nothing to scoff at - the scales that make up their protective egg are literally the stuff of rainbows! The shine and shimmer are only a hint of what you can expect once these little ones hatch; Divinea dragons are a heavenly species with a rarity and an aura to match. As an air species, they almost always have an impressive wingspan and elaborate wings, and while they have been documented in the wild a few times, they’re usually hatched as companions for major and minor nobility. Dragons of this species can be somewhat difficult and pricey to maintain as their needs and dietary preferences run towards the extravagant, but they're said to elongate the lifespan of creatures who spend a good deal of time with them, and given that their average lifespan is well over 500 years, that is no trifle thing!


These eggs are all from the same nest and about four months from hatching. Prospective adopters should be aware that Gratia Divinea is a Dargon Labs hunted species so special care and precautions will need to be taken both before and after hatching to prevent your dragonling from being stolen. 

  • Care of Dragon Eggs

    Your Aviary original dragon egg is a completed piece - each scale is sealed against normal wear and tear to ensure a long life. Please do not get your dragon egg wet, pull at the scales or otherwise mishandle. These are not child-proof eggs. Please also note that there is no actual hatching expectation. 

  • Shipping Information

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