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Diminutive Aqua Rosaria

Diminutive Aqua Rosaria


You'd never guess by the tiny size of their eggs that these dragons are absolutely massive when fully grown, but it's the truth! Aqua Rosaria dragons are one of primal draconic species, the ancestors of all the varied modern species we see today, if you will. Though they mature incredibly slowly, adults of this species are truly a sight to behold both in terms of size and intelligence. Because they're so large adults can usually only be found in the ocean as smaller bodies of water simply don't have the volume and space they need to survive and thrive. 


But while it's true that adults are rarely human-attached, prospective adopters need not worry. It takes about 200 years before these hatchlings even begin to need so much space, and in the meantime they're actually quite small and adorable. And if having a tiny swimming companion isn't enticing enough, have we mentioned the benefits of rearing a dragon from an egg onward? It's beyond rewarding and any of our specialists would be happy to walk you through the experience. 

  • Care of Dragon Eggs

    Your Aviary original dragon egg is a completed piece - each scale is sealed against normal wear and tear to ensure a long life. Please do not get your dragon egg wet, pull at the scales or otherwise mishandle. These are not child-proof eggs. Please also note that there is no actual hatching expectation. 

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