Frequently asked questions


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, though there are a few countries we currently can't ship to. For international buyers, we cover the cost of an average domestic shipping and ask buyers to make up the difference - usually $14-16 USD, depending on your country. Please drop us a message if you're an international customer and we'll see about setting up shipping.

My dragon arrived damaged! What do I do?!

We do our best to make each dragon as sturdy as possible, and to ship each with as much protection as is practical. Despite our efforts, sometimes breaks and damage still happen, and while we can't be held responsible for damage that happens in transit, we will certainly try our best to meet the original expectation either through repairs or replacements. If your dragon or egg arrives damaged please let us know, and we can either instruct you on repairs or see about an exchange. Each case is unique - talk to us and we'll make sure you're satisfied with your adoption.


What kind of clay do you use?

I use mostly Sculpey Premo and sometimes Sculpey Souffle and III, depending on what I'm doing and what each dragon's needs are.

How long have you been making dragons?

I started making dragons in November of 2017.

Do you accept custom requests?

I do! You can email me at ayslyns.aviary@gmail.com or reach out via the form on the Contact Us page.

Can you recreate a dragon if someone else got it before me?

I can! Each dragon is hand sculpted so no two are completely alike. There will be minute differences, but in most cases I'm able to re-create originals upon request.

How do you price your creations?

My dragon hatchlings and eggs are priced based on a number of factors including the level of details, props, florishes, materials, hours of creation and the level of experience and expertise applied to creating. I do my best to price each dragon and egg fairly and competitively for the level of attention to detail, care and love that goes into each.

Why do each of your shop updates have so few dragons now?

When I first started sculpting I could easily get 15-20 dragons in one shop update - now though, I have a little one and I'm juggling a lot of life outside of the studio so the updates are a little smaller.